Sunday, August 1, 2010

House Hunt: Update

The house hunting last week was long and exhausting. We looked at fourteen houses in one day. It was long. By the end of the day there was really no house I loved that was within our price range and once I got home we actually decided to review our finances again to make sure we were even looking in the correct span of prices. It turns out we were not. Everything I was shown was what we thought was at the high end of what we could afford...but it turned out to be out of the range we could afford. So basically every house we looked at was wiped off the list. That was a bit overwhelming and disappointing to say the least.
So it looks like I am adding chihuahuas and "bowling ballers" (or stompers...I can't decide what to call them quite yet) to my list of Patience Opportunities! Regardless, I know that God is good and has provided for us in so many ways already, and has blessed us so much. I have so many things to be thankful for that I really cannot complain about living in a beautiful apartment, even being an apartment with loud neighbors. I am content and blessed to live here for now.

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