Saturday, November 21, 2009


This past month at UC Irvine has been an absolute whirlwind. We technically were stationed at Derek's parents in Orange County but during the first week we drove up to LA for a test Derek had to take (where I got to spend the day with my sister and nephew at the beach, which was a blast!), and then the first weekend we spent at my parents house in San Diego...the second I spent at my parents while Derek was at a mens retreat with our old church from Oceanside...the third we flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for an interview....and the fourth (which we just got back from) was spent in Denver, Colorado for yet another interview.

Also during that month I drove up to San Fransisco to see Janelle and her new baby (as well as Belle!), Kelli (who did my hair beautifully!), my sister, and my grandma. I had a blast with all of them and was so thankful my mom decided to drive up with me! We had a great time in the car and actually never even got annoyed at each other! (Neither of us do well on long car rides!)

We got home last night and are leaving tomorrow to stay at the Silver Strand with my parents and grandparents. It's funny that I have adapted to moving around so much I have pretty much stopped unpacking my toiletry bag now and have come to the conclusion that one to two outfits is suitable for two to three days. I feel like I am learning the art of patience and adjustment like never before and probably like I never will again (hopefully!). With how much time I have been spending in airports I have really been forced to rely on God more with trusting him in the OCD about germs and sickness area. I have learned that I have over the years (pretty much since Derek started medical school and has shared all the gruesome stories with me) become kinda OCD about antibacterial wipes and feeling like everything public is contaminated. With all our traveling and not having a home to call my own, I have truly had to rely on God and trust in Him for not going crazy over being in airplanes, airports, hotels, and thinking who was here before me.

This has been a big growing experience for me and one that I am very thankful for (not that it has been easy in the slightest). I am growing more each day and am sure there is much more to come. Not having a home to truly call my own and lounge around in without other people in has been more of a challenge than I could have ever imagined. I love my family more than I can express but the value of having a home to be alone in is something I never realized how much I have taken for granted. Simple things like walking out to the kitchen to make coffee in my underwear is not an option. Not that that is the biggest deal in the world but it's come up more often than I would have ever thought possible!

Derek has one more week off before he starts his opthomology rotation at UC Irvine for 2 weeks. I am very much enjoying having him around so much! We are so thankful for this time together because we know that once residency starts this time will be much fewer and farther between!