Monday, September 14, 2009

Oakland / Stanford

(Roomies! Derek, Grandma Maxine, and me!)

I can’t believe this is Derek’s last week at Stanford already! We leave on Friday and it has flown by. We have had a great time living with my Grandma Maxine. Her cat hasn’t warmed up to the dogs yet but we’re hoping maybe next month when we come back for the UCSF rotation! Grandma has really warmed up to the dogs and we have really loved living with her.

My family was up this past weekend and we spent time in San Francisco and had a great time. We had lunch at Boudin’s Sourdough Restaurant and it was delicious!! Both my sisters (Danica and Lauren - as well as Andrew, Aidan, and Jason) were there along with my parents, Grandma Maxine, and Kristine. There was this cute little wine tasting room right across and down a bit from Fisherman’s Wharf (It’s next to Ben and Jerry’s) that we went to after lunch. My parent’s and grandma took Aidan on the cable car while the girls did wine tasting and caught up. If you ever visit SF you have to go to this little wine tasting place. The people are SO friendly and cute. We had a great time!

Last weekend I got to go to Napa with three of my best girlfriends and had a blast. It was such a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. We even got to drive around in a Mustang convertible! (Thanks to Tif!) It was so fun...very windy, but very fun! The weather was perfect for it and we got lots of fun girl time in.

(Picture of Belle taken from Jackson's facebook! I have to take some on Wednesday for an updated one of us together!)
I have also been able to have lots of great time with my best friend from college, Janelle, and her three year old daughter Belle. They live about 20 minutes from my grandma’s house. We have had lots of fun together. My favorite is that Belle calls me “Linds” or "The Linds" as well as shortens words, such as - instead of saying I want a blueberry it’s I want a “blueb.” She’s a cutie pie.

We drive down to San Diego this weekend and have a day and a half before Derek flies out to West Virginia to do his next rotation. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown!!

Derek has four interviews for residency lined up so far and we are very excited about that! We don’t know of any other people who have been offered interview invitations at all yet, let alone four!! That has been a huge blessing and reassurance for us.

This time in Oakland has been filled with family, fun, friends, and has been so much busier than I have been in a long time! It has been a refreshing change but also an adjustment to actually having to plan and schedule. I have taken many life lessons from our time in West Virginia and had to apply it here. 1) Staying calm and not stressing over traffic 2) Making effort to keep up Derek and my alone time and not get swamped with outside events 3) Enjoy the small things in everyday life and appreciate the scenery!

Now back to the Chargers / Raiders Game for some Monday Night Football!!