Friday, August 14, 2009

Yay Yay Yay!!!

Update on the move...

There was a little more drama with the ABF people today because they forgot to send me a contract to fill out and it had to be faxed in today. When I talked to Josh earlier (Neal is out of the office today - probably recovering from my emotional calls!) I asked if he could double check if any cubes had opened up in Nitro (the place closer to us) and he said no and that he highly doubted any would before Monday. I faxed the contract over, but they still didn't receive it so he had to call me back to check if I had sent it. It ended up that they did have it and it just hadn't gone through yet so all was well...

Then Josh called again.

He said that since he had to look up my account again to attach the contract he had decided to check one more time before he left....and a cube opened up in Nitro for us!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited and thrilled and relieved. All that stress for nothing. AND we still got the discounted price! God is so good, and I am feeling so much better!!!

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