Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Derek started his rotation on Monday at Stanford University and is....LOVING IT!!! I'm so excited! He loves the hospital and the people in it. It is spacious, runs efficiently, the people are very intelligent, and everyone seems to work well together and get along. He was actually surprised by how much he loves all aspects of the hospital and people there. The one draw back is that the area is so highly populated and expensive to live in.

Now that we have lived in West Virginia for over three years we have been spoiled by the idea of SPACE. Now we have a dream of living somewhere with some land and owning an affordable property (someday) that doesn't sit on top of someone else. Crazy I know...especially if we were to be in California. But, I am on a mission to find that perfect property and prove it exists even here! :)

Back to Derek's rotation....Monday and Tuesday I drove him the 45 mins (or an hour - depending on traffic) it takes to get from my Grandma's to Stanford and then went back and picked him up at the end of the day since he didn't have his parking pass. Both days I also got to stop along the way to hang out with Janelle and Belle! We had a great time! It was so fun that she lives along the way and I could just stop by. Derek finally got his pass yesterday so I got to sleep in this morning and he took the car. We also figured out yesterday after paying the toll on the toll bridge for the 3rd time that we could have driven across in the carpool lane for free. Of course we figured that out now that Derek is driving himself and will have to pay the $4 each day since he's by himself. Oh well!

The dogs have adjusted nicely to my Grandma's house. This morning a deer came up to the back to check out the dogs while they were outside - it made me feel like we were still in WV. The weather has been beautiful and all is going well so far!

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  1. Yea for you being in California! I had fun seeing you yesterday and can't wait to see you next week. Have a good weekend!