Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My "Man Up Moment"

Two nights ago friends came and helped us pack up the Uhaul with everything we are going to be shipping to my parents house in the cube (minus our mattress so we could sleep on it one more night). Yesterday was the day for Derek and me to drive the Uhaul (thankfully only to Nitro) and unload all our stuff into the cube. It is nice that I truly have been able to laugh at things not going according to perfect planning any longer. The last piece to the puzzle as to why...

I woke up yesterday morning in full cramping mode and started my period...about an hour before we were going to go load the cube. I got a little panicked at first that if it was a bad one I could quite possibly be incapacitated on the floor meaning moving an entire truck load of our belongings would be feasibly impossible. So I took 3 ibuprofen, layed in bed for an extra half hour, and then (as Derek put it) I had a "man up moment."

It was in the middle of trying to get our gigantic California king size mattress into the Uhaul (mind you this is only Derek and myself). Derek announced that he was going to be stuck in the back of the Uhaul between all our things since he was pulling and I was pushing (with everything I could - including my head, literally). At that moment I had one of the biggest and longest belly laughs of my life. We were both hysterically laughing when I suddenly felt energized and only what I can describe as like I turned into The Hulk! From that point on I pushed and pulled and lifted and didn't feel another cramp for the next two hours that it took us to load the cube. We made record time packing it and Derek had plenty of extra time to study.

It turned out to be a very fun and bonding time for the two of us. Especially trying to strategically pack the cube and fit everything. At first we made two piles 1) important stuff we HAVE to fit and 2) stuff we can leave behind, because we were convinced it would never all fit. Two hours later we had everything in with room to spare! It was surprisingly a very fun day. And to think of the path that got us there...I guess it is true - the valleys really do make the peaks that much better!

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  1. It is times like these we have to appreciate because these are the moments that make up "life". My husband and I find ourselves in these belly laughing moments quite often...don't get me wrong we also find ourselves bickering, but you know what I mean. When life gives you challenges sometimes it is best to just laugh!