Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blip in the road...

I know things commonly don't go as planned...but as one of the many life lessons I've learned (especially out here in WV) is that I don't deal with this fact very well. You could label it as I just like things to go as planned because I work so hard to get things lined up in advance, or you could say I'm pretty much a control freak. The latest development in this learning process of mine happened today...T minus 6 days until our drive across the country begins. First, my day started out with realizing that our "couch" (the aero bed since we sold our real couch) was flat because Bear had punctured a small hole in it by playing super hard with Derek the night before, while I was in Morgantown dropping off the Corolla. Bear doesn't do very well when I'm gone and stood up on our coffee table staring out the window most of the day (looking for me - he does this every time I leave to go anywhere), and thus got no energy expended. Then he got a little rambunctious at night and apparently made a small hole in the aero bed.

So as I sat down on our "couch" this morning and swiftly felt the hardwood floor against my butt, I opened my laptop to check my email. I was greeted by a follow up email from ABF U-Pack, the moving company we are renting a pod from to put our things in to be shipped to my parents house. I researched this about 6 months ago (yes I know - slightly anal retentive but I prefer to call it prepared and passionate!) to make sure we would have no problems reserving one. I got a quote and then booked it about 3 months ago. So when I got the email confirming that we would be filling a trailer next Tuesday I had to do a double take. A trailer? No, that must be a mistake. I planned this out MONTHS ago...and I reserved a 6 ft by 7ft by 8ft cube that we would be able to lock shut and have dropped off in my parents driveway. I called the company (while sitting on my hardwood floor) only to find out that yes that had mistakenly booked me for 9 cubic feet of space in a 28 foot trailer instead of my own cube. They informed me I would need to tie my things down and secure them so they did not fall into another person's space in the trailer and also that I would need to get tarps to cover the top. I just about choked on my own tongue. And of course they are now out of cubes because it is only 6 days until move day.

In the middle of all this, as I am trying not to cry on the phone to Neal (the nice ABF representative), the girl who is supposed to be buying and picking up my china cabinet at any moment calls through to tell me she is lost. I tell Neal I will call him back. The china cabinet girl finally gets to my house and once it is loaded in her truck I walk back inside only to start the first of three crying sessions to come. Derek likes to laugh when I do this because I usually try to hide that I am crying...which I am not very good at. I some how pull myself together enough to call Neal back only to find out that the closest place that has an available cube to load is 80 miles away. I tell him I will call him back, jump in the car to drive to my friend Heather's house, and proceed to call Lauren (my sister) and have another crying session to her. Slight disclaimer to all of you who think I have officially lost it - it does happen to be about 2 days before that special time of the month that every woman loathes. Of course it would be though. Why wouldn't that correlate with us preparing to drive across the country?

We rearranged everything and now Derek and I will be loading up the Uhaul on Monday together. I will drive the Uhaul the 80 miles to the cube destination and back while he sits in the passenger seat and studies. Then he will take his test all day Tuesday (9 hours) while I clean the completely empty house and we will hit the road at 6am on Wednesday the 19th.
P.S. Neal was able to give us a $400 discount, so that was very nice.

Things don't always happen as we plan. And hormones don't always cooperate either. But God has a plan and he will carry us through all these crazy blips and bumps. I am now laughing at this and I think that is the best growth. Being able to look back at your past actions and say - yes I overreacted, yes I am feeling hormonal, no - that was not actually that dramatic, and we are fine (as my mom would always say to Little Lindsey)!

I just hope everything else goes according to my plans! =)

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  1. Ahhh!!! I'm praying for you right now and will call you soon (although I'm sure you have more than enough to keep you occupied at this point). Good attitude regarding the blips and bumps... but it is hard being perfect in a not so perfect world. ;-)

    Can't wait to see you SO SOON!