Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day On The Road

Some highlights of our first day…
1) Woke up at 3:30am to the sound of Bear throwing up all over the clean dog bed and sheet
2) We couldn’t fall back asleep so at 4am decided to get an early start and get up
3) We were in the car and on the road to start our drive at 5:30am! (I wasn’t sure everything would fit – our car is P.A.C.K.E.D. You cannot see out the back and the dogs are pretty much squished)
4) States we passed through and interesting info on their “welcome signs” – Ohio (missed the sign), then Kentucky (which is where Abraham Lincoln was born), then Indiana (something about Lincoln’s boyhood place), then Illinois (the land of Lincoln), - Apparently the mid west is obsessed with Lincoln! ☺ Then we hit Iowa (Fields of Opportunities), and finally Nebraska (the good life, home of Arbor Day).
5) We passed a truck labeled the Heatilator – pretty funny sounding. It said it was the first name in fireplaces. Interesting.
6) We passed Shelbyville and Derek got very excited. He thinks it’s a town filled with Shelbys (his favorite car).
7) Gracie was permanently stationed in front of the portable fan we attached to the driver headrest and stared out the window, while Bear slept most of the time.
8) Had lunch at Steak and Shake in Indiana….yummy hamburgers although not exactly on my diet list of things to eat! I only had a few sips of Derek’s Oreo shake though.
9) TONS of corn fields!
10) We passed a bunch of trucks full of pigs…some of them were getting a little frisky with each other!
11) It rained most of the day – which made for very eventful dog potty breaks!
12) A few amusing signs we saw:
• “When danger lurks, Sunny, you can’t rely on luck. Put down your bunny foot. A gun will save your life.”
• “Hit a worker $10,000 fine”
• “What protects you during a crime? Guns save”
13) Driving Totals for Day One: Miles = 944.5, Hours = 15 hrs & 35 mins
(We made it all the way to Omaha, Nebraska!)


  1. Lindsey,
    West Virginia is already not the same - we feel the difference - you are missed. Thanks for keeping us posted - I'm sitting on the back porch, enjoying a coffee (Starbuck's of course) as I read your blog - Sounds like a good first day. We are looking forward to having some coffee with you guys some mornings here in the future. Your guest room is ready and waiting (with a usable shower). We are praying for your safe drive. It must have been a long day though - I can't help but comment on point 13 above "944.5 hours = 15 hrs and 35mins". Now is that West Virginia math or some code phrase that I'm not up on? :>)

    All our love - safe travels to the 4 of you and we can't wait to have you back,

    Joanna and Dave

  2. A P.S. from me... the black bear put his paw through our neighbor's kitchen window last night (screen only). Pay close attention to those "guns save lives" signs... we might be asking you for information on that later. Love from wild, wonderful WV - J
    Something from Sammy to Gracie and Bear... Mark the Midwest for me!!!

  3. I added a comma for you! The 944.5 was the miles!! :)
    Wow about the bear!!! That's kinda scary! We will take notes about the guns for you!
    You can tell Sammy from Gracie and Bear that they did mark it for him! All the way across!!