Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Turning 30

I got my flu shot a few days ago and when I was filling out the paperwork I had to write down my age. It was the first time I've written "30." It was an adjustment not to write "2" as the first number since I've obviously grown accustom to that in the last decade and it made me think about what other adjustments come along with it.

Since I've turned 30 I've had more people ask me questions such as: "how do I feel about it, am I doing okay with it, and am I excited to be 30?" than any other year that I can remember.

And the answer to those questions is that I am happy to be 30! Now I know I've had a few freak out moments about getting older in the past...such as my meltdown 9 months ago when I realized I wouldn't be a mom before I was 30....a few months ago while the Clarks were here visiting and I found my first gray hair.....but as of right now I am actually very content with my age and the fact that I've turned 30! It has been a very motivating birthday for me. It has really made me think about milestones in life and how I want to live every day to the fullest. I'm trying to make every effort not to waste a single second of God's plan for me in this life.

I've even been motivated to start doing a few things that are slightly different than in the past...and really sticking to them! Number one below probably being the biggest change:

1) I've been running on a consistent basis and have discovered for the first time in my life what a "runner's high" is! I really feel amazing after running and it has become something I actually look forward to. (So weird, I know!)
2) Actually reading the books of the book clubs I'm in! :)
3) Eating more healthy things and staying away from the "non-healthy" items! As well as working harder to cook more dinners for us at home rather than eating out.
4) Spending more time with God.
5) Focusing more time on all the things I am thankful for.

This morning in my daily devotional (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young) that Janelle Perdue got for me for this birthday, I read the perfect message to sum up aging in general:

Oct. 20
I AM YOUR LIVING GOD, far more abundantly alive than the most vivacious person you know. The human body is wonderfully crafted, but gravity and the inevitable effects of aging weigh it down. Even the most superb athlete cannot maintain his fitness over many decades. Lasting abundant life can be found in Me alone. Do not be anxious about the weakness of your body. Instead, view it as the prelude to My infusing energy into your being. As you identify more and more fully with Me, My Life becomes increasingly intertwined with yours. Though the process of aging continues, inwardly you grow stronger with the passing years. Those who live close to Me develop an inner aliveness that makes them seem youthful in spite of their years. Let My Life shine through you, as you walk in the Light with Me.

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  1. Yay! I am about to turn 30 (In January) and feel kind of stressed about it! So good to hear that it is not that bad :)! Love that your are spending more time with God, and I thought it was hilarious that you are now actually reading the books from your book club!