Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Friday

So much has gone on this week. Good, great, emotional,'s been a long one but an exciting one. Here are a few updates:

- Still waiting on the house situation to find out final details. The appraisal came back and didn't pick up on any of the major fix ups (roof, plumbing, crawl space) so now we have to get quotes to figure out if we'd be able to afford the house with having to fix up the major things ourselves

- Started "A Woman's Heart" study by Beth Moore and LOVE it so far!

- Have started back up making my greeting cards and it has been so much fun. I used to make them all the time and then stopped with all the moving. But I'm back up and running!

- I shaved and groomed the dogs (yes they aren't as fluffy anymore) this week which literally took me almost 6 hours!! My back is still hurting!

- Excited to be celebrating my birthday out to dinner with friends tonight!

Here are some photos of the cards I've been busy making lately. Hope you enjoy.

Happy Friday!! :)

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  1. The cards are so cute! I hope all the house details work out for you!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time out with your friends!

    How patient you must be to do the dogs on your own (they are adorable).

    Praying things work out for the house!

  3. Oh I know what it is like to wait and see when you want a house. I'll be praying that things work out according to God's plan in your life. Just a tip with home renos. Take them step by step. We have been working on our house for a few years now and still have lots to do. Next year new windows. There goes my vacation. :)

  4. Great cards! Do hope everything works out with the house. Dropping by from Company Girls and hope you can drop by for a visit as well.

    Blessings to you for a wonderful fall week-end!

  5. Happy Birthday Lindsey!! Loved the peek at your great cards! Looks like you got a lot of them made. Oh my goodness... the onsies are SO adorable! Thank you so much for joining us and showing us what you have been up to! :)

  6. Love the cards! How creative you are! I hope the house works out for you. We are in a house that needed a lot of repairs and it can be draining. At times it feels like it is never ending...but I love my house, so I guess it is worth it! Have a great weekend!

  7. There is a bloggy award for you on my blog! But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pressure to follow the rules! Just wanted to know you are one of my fav's in the world of blogginess!!!