Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog Award....Blogs I love!

Last week I was surprised and encouraged by receiving this blog award from Stephanie who is an amazing and inspirational writer. I have been so encouraged and uplifted through reading her blog. I feel so blessed to be thought of by her for this and am truly so excited about it. I haven't seen anything like this award since I've started into the blog world and feel totally honored by it. Thank you so much Stephanie!!

The rules in receiving the award are:

1. Accept the award and acknowledge the person who bestowed it upon me.
Stephanie, thank you sooooooo much!!!! I am so honored and encouraged that you thought of my blog. I have been so inspired by your own blog and am so thankful for you and your precious writing. Thank you!!!!

2. Pay it forward to newly discovered blogs you enjoy.

1. Musings of a Work in Progress
One of my very best friends and I love reading about her heart and her life. She is an exceptional friend, wife, mother, sister, and so many other things! She is the epitome of striving after Christ in all she does.

2. This Life I live
Such an inspirational and encouraging writer!! I love how honest and open she is daily.

3. Soiree Swagger
If you need creative ideas for any type of party or event - this is the blog to check out! She is so creative and finds the most amazing ideas.

4. California Living
Shannon is a great writer and I love to hear her heart share all about her life and her walk with God. It's encouraging and entertaining!

I know it's only 4 but they are 4 amazing ones!! I enjoy reading all of your blogs! There are lots more out there that I need to spend more time reading and I will soon! :)


  1. Awe, thanks for the shout out!! So sweet. I enjoy reading your blog too, you are definitely a well spoken lady!!

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me! I will definitely follow the rules and would love to encourage some others as this has encouraged me! Thanks so much, and I thoroughly enjoy our blog as well!!!