Friday, April 9, 2010

Parking at AAA...and many other places in WV

I just had to include this because it is something Derek and I have been flabbergasted over ever since we moved to West Virginia and I have always thought it funny but today took the cake.

We have noticed that apparently in WV parking spaces are totally overrated. Why park in a parking spot...even a handicapped parking spot (only if you are of course)...when you can just park smack in front of the doors. Make the least amount of walking space between you and your car. Having said that I will say that almost every single large store or shopping center we have gone to there will be at least 2 cars parked along the front doors. Sam's Club, Grocery Stores, Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, etc. We have seen this constantly at almost every location we've ever gone to.

Now usually we think this is because no one wants to walk very far since most of the time the first few spots are all taken (which is still pretty comical)....and of course walking more than 2 or 3 parking spots worth might just take West Virginia out of being one of the top contenders for Least Healthy State in the US or #1 in diabetes and heart disease. we went to AAA to pick up our Trip Tik to drive to Portland and saw not one but TWO cars parked in front of the front doors and all the parking spots OPEN. Literally couldn't manage to park in a parking spot and walk the extra 10 yards across the very small parking lot into the front door. You can see our gray Corolla on the right and there are about 6 open spots to the left of our car and more even on the other side.
So this I had to share....

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