Saturday, April 17, 2010

Drive to Portland from West Virginia - Day 3

Highlights Day 3:

* Left at 7:35am

* Derek feeling a bit better but my throat starting to feel super dry and scratchy. I didn't sleep very well.

* Had a yummy breakfast of cheerios, hard boiled egg whites, little bit of OJ, and a little bit of decaf tea for my throat

* SUPER dense fog on the 80 when we left Cheyenne and we had to drive really slow. It was actually a little scary. Looked like a complete white out.

* Saw lots of snow in WY and ID. It was beautiful!

* I got to nap lots today and Derek drove the whole way.

* Arrived in Boise, Idaho at 6pm. Drove 716 miles today.

* Checked into a Comfort Suites which is our new favorite hotel. WAY better than the Comfort Inn. This hotel is the nicest we stayed in and the cheapest by $10! Huge room and huge comfy king size bed.

* Ate at Ono Hawaiian Cafe for dinner which was DELICIOUS!! Ginger and Cilantro Chicken, and Ahi Tuna Salad. YUM! Made us excited for our Hawaii trip which is just about a month away!!

* We're very excited that we will be in Portland tomorrow! Can't believe it's really here!!! We only have about 500 miles to drive tomorrow.

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