Friday, April 16, 2010

Drive to Portland from West Virginia - Day 2

Highlights of today's drive...

*Left this morning at 7:15am

*Derek was feeling MUCH better (thank you for all the prayers!!!)

*Arrived here in Cheyenne, WY at 7:15pm. Drove for 13 hours (gained another hour today) and a total of 864 miles. (Derek drove 555 of those miles too)

*Ate grilled KFC chicken, mashed potatoes, & green beans for dinner on the road - which is a very big challenge while driving! (Although not as much of a challenge as yesterday eating a grilled chicken salad from McDonalds while driving!) Derek tried to order corn as one of his sides and the lady told him (direct quote) "we have a hold on corn." Then just stared at us. Ummm...not exactly sure what that meant but we took it as "order something different so he got green beans too.

*We are staying at the Comfort Inn tonight which is smaller than the Comfort Suites of last night yet more expensive...interesting.

*We were a big fan of the speed limit being 75 most of our drive today which really means we got to drive 80 most of the way!

*McDonalds medium Iced Coffee with 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla and no cream is very delicious and gives you a good boost for driving while your husband sleeps!

*We saw tons of baby cows. It must be spring!!

*Took our aspirin this morning so we don't get DVT.

*I started reading this book I got called "Drink This" by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl and it's AWESOME. It explains all about wine. Really great book.

*We also started a new devotional and really like it. So far it's gone over Perseverance in James and Job. It had some very good thought provoking questions for us to discuss during our drive.

*Total driven so far = 1364 miles

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