Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Backyard Landscaping

We finally started on the landscaping of our backyard a few months ago and are so excited with how it has turned out! Here's a little refresher of what it used to look like.....
Make sure you take note of all the exceptional things such as the ridiculous hill that extended out covering half the width of the backyard in front of our slider, the random attempt at a retaining wall / cement blocks thrown all around, the moss covered rocky cement squares that are uneven with each other, and of course the over grown brush all over! We were also told that the patio actually didn't slant away from the house (and that's bad).
These are more recent pictures of just how overgrown the hill got!

We started with removing the lovely hill...
We think they severely underestimated the job because we were told the two guys would finish the job in one day. Instead, four guys came back and worked an entire second day to finish it!

But once they did, there sure was a lot more room!!!

Next was removal of all that ghetto patio and cement squares...
The huge tractor sure made the job just BARELY squeaked through our gate though. They had to take the doors off so it could fit!

Next was building the retaining wall and getting ready for the cement patio to be poured...

Huge cement truck to do the job!

And after a day of drying......our backyard is complete!! :)

Just a quick look-back at what it used to be....

And now.....

We are so in love with it!!
Now all we need is to get a little rain so our grass that was killed by the tractor can grow back! ;)

More pictures to come soon of the awesome garden box that Derek built above the retaining wall and of the entire yard.


  1. Linds-

    SO fabulous! Can't wait to see it tomorrow!


  2. WOW!!!!!!!! Looks amazing!!!!!!