Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chimney Sweep Specialist

I have meant to write about our chimney cleaning experience since it was done last month but somehow time continues to escape me!

Once we closed on our house and realized that the fireplace we hoped to be using in the near future probably hadn't been cleaned since the house was built in 1963, we decided to find a chimney cleaner. I researched a few and found out that there are actually companies out there that will charge a little less but not do a complete job leaving behind harmful and flammable substances that can still be a fire hazard. Knowing how old our house was and guessing how dirty the chimney was simply by how dirty the fireplace was, we figured ours would be a big job. I ended up contacting two different companies. The first told me they clean the chimney but not the fireplace. (What?!) So I would have to shovel out the massive pile of who knows what in the fireplace, not to mention the huge heatilator blocking the entrance and then they would come and clean the chimney. Um...that didn't sound so great especially coupled with their expensive price.

The second company I found (Chimney Sweep Specialist) responded much more quickly to me, were incredibly friendly, and told me they include cleaning the fireplace. I knew right away they were a much better option. And I couldn't have been more pleased. They were extremely friendly, professional, quick to respond, and did an excellent job. They even helped take the heatilator out of our fireplace AND kept everything clean in our house! They went above and beyond and we were pleased to use them to replace our damaged damper as well. This is really an excellent company and if we ever need anything done again or fixed on our chimney we will no doubt call them. I highly recommend calling them if you haven't had your chimney cleaned recently. It sure is getting to be lovely "fire in the fireplace" weather!
p.s. They also do lots of other things such as duct, roof, window & gutter cleaning as well as others! Check out their website for more.

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  1. Sooo are you doing free advertising for all the companies you're using in the remodel?? :) You should let them know and maybe they'll give you a better deal!! :)